Sponsorship and Travel Awards 

for the Tri-State Championships

Judges will select one female and one male competitor from the open division winners to receive an all expenses paid trip to the IFBB Miami Grand Prix on July 17/18, 2020.  The Miami Grand Prix is an IFBB Elite Pro Qualifier.   Miami winners will be able to compete professionally the same weekend at the pro show that is held in conjunction with the amateur show.

Athletes will not be competing against each other directly.  Judges will consider each division winner against the level of competition seen at a world - level international amateur event.  Those two athletes considered to have the best competitive chance will be awarded the trips.

The next two athletes considered to be competitive at an IFBB international event will receive a reimbursable $200 travel award to compete at any 2020 IFBB international or IFBB Elite Pro qualifier.  These two athletes must compete first and then the $200 travel award will be sent to them.

The other 4 open class winners will receive a free entry to any IFBB Physique America contest in 2020 or 2021.  Payment will be sent upon confirmation that the athletes have competed at an IFBB Physique America contest.